Pay-It-Forward This Holiday Season!

During the holiday season, “paying it forward” is a popular activity that many people participate in. The idea of pay it forward is that when you do something kind for someone, that they will then in turn do a little act of kindness for somebody else. This keeps the cycle of generosity alive, and is… Continue reading Pay-It-Forward This Holiday Season!

#Change, Quarter-Life Crisis

Slow Down, It’s A Bumpy Ride: A Guide To Adulting

Growing up is definitely hard, but it has its gnarly moments. When we officially hit the mark at 18 to be an adult, it didn't feel any different from being 17 or even now that I'm 20. We didn't suddenly get handed a guide to everything on how to be an adult. Here are a… Continue reading Slow Down, It’s A Bumpy Ride: A Guide To Adulting


Underappreciated Millennials?

“Millennials will love this...” “You know you’re a millennial if…” And yet, “The problem with millennials” “Millennials don’t have real struggles” See a common denominator here? The word: MILLENNIALS! When I first heard of it, I thought it was a cool word to describe our very own generation: aka, those of us born between 1992… Continue reading Underappreciated Millennials?