Pay-It-Forward This Holiday Season!

During the holiday season, “paying it forward” is a popular activity that many people participate in. The idea of pay it forward is that when you do something kind for someone, that they will then in turn do a little act of kindness for somebody else. This keeps the cycle of generosity alive, and is especially prominent during the holiday season. In a world full of people who are so self-centered, it feels good to do a selfless act. Whether it being big or small, by paying it forward you are making a positive difference in the world…and you never know who can use it! In case you want to pay it forward this holiday season, here’s some ideas so that you can brighten up somebody’s day.


1. Buy the person behind you in line their coffee


This is probably one of the most popular acts of kindness during the holidays, probably because it is so simple. While in line at Dunkin’ Donuts , Starbucks, etc., tell the cashier to add the coffee of the person behind you to your bill. It is a great little surprise, and completely random.


2. Donate to your favorite charity


There are so many charities that are in need, especially during this time of year. Of you can, make a personal donation to a charity of your choice and ask your friends and family to as well. If you’re not in the position to donate, a simple Facebook post or tweet about your charity is a great way to help gain awareness!


3. Volunteer


During the holidays, so many organizations are in need. From your local nursing home, to an animal shelter, a church, or a hospital, the opportunities are endless. Take a moment to research a place that may be in need, and donate your time to it!

4. Send a care package or letter to someone on active duty in the armed forces


While some of us are enjoying the holidays with our friends and families, others are across the world protecting and fighting for us. Take some time and write a letter thanking a member of our armed forces. You could also put them together a care package full of necessities to help them while they are abroad.


5. Donate old clothes


Instead of throwing them out, donate gently worn clothes! One persons trash is another’s treasure. You have no idea how much someone else is in need of that old jacket you haven’t worn in years…5eb13338d1b1113d999775bec1cbe8b0

All in all, push yourself to be the best and help others because you never know when you might need help yourself.


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