#Change, Quarter-Life Crisis

Slow Down, It’s A Bumpy Ride: A Guide To Adulting

Growing up is definitely hard, but it has its gnarly moments. When we officially hit the mark at 18 to be an adult, it didn’t feel any different from being 17 or even now that I’m 20. We didn’t suddenly get handed a guide to everything on how to be an adult. Here are a few things I have come to learn and a few things others have taught me.

1. Give yourself 10-20 minutes to prep for anything

I am someone who is constantly speed walking to class because I wait until the last five minutes to arrive. In those few minutes that I have to get to one place, I swear I am like a superhero. Anyways, give yourself time to be there early and mentally prepare for whatever you are in need of. It causes less stress for you and also preparation is always key.
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2. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no

Why not put a bit of yourself out there, don’t be afraid. Life is going to throw so many things at you, but you have to be willing to push it right back. If you don’t ask, then no one is going to know you need the help. If you want something, go get it.

3. Your current situation is not your final destination

If you are in an uncomfortable place in your life, it is not always going to stay like that. Everything is temporary, keep your head up. Better days will come and you are endlessly creating yourself, keeping moving forward.

4. You are going to doubt yourself

No one is perfecting the art of adulting, doubt is part of the journey. Surround yourself with people who are decisive and can give you the step in the right direction.

5. There isn’t a specific time when everything is going to click together

You’re not going to graduate college and be told, “Congrats, welcome to adulthood.” It’s fine not to have everything figured out, people move at their own pace. Instead of worrying, just go live.

6. Don’t invalidate your feelings

Everything you are feeling is important for your growth. It is all right to feel sad sometimes. Not everything is going to be happy, but if you do think positively, good thoughts will occupy your mind.


7. Drink lots of water

It is important to keep your body hydrated. Water helps you instantly feel better and it’s just a healthy tip. Also a plus, water helps keep the skin looking flawless.

8. Don’t love to feel love in return

Love to just love. People do not have to return the feelings, love is an individual emotion. We can’t choose the people we fall in love with, it just happens. And if they don’t return the feelings, then you don’t need them. They serve you no purpose and you are far more worth of a greater love than theirs. Choose your own self-worth over anything.

9. You do not have to reply back to messages unless you want to:

You know sometimes there are those people who message you, but you either don’t really want to reply or you don’t know what to say. Well, you don’t have to. No one is forcing you to do anything.


10. Take time to communicate with family and friends, while you are growing up, they are too.

Being in college has taught me the importance of always taking some time out of my day to talk to the ones I love. In my young 20 years I had never really been separated from my family, so now I just take a little time off and ask about their day and what is going on so I can be updated. Doing this gives you more positivity in your life and great to hear a familiar voice. And I hate to be the person who says it but our families and friends aren’t always going to be around, so while they are make the most of it.

11. You will change

It is pretty much inevitable to change. You are going to be in a continuous cycle of becoming someone new. The new experiences and old will collide, so you are going to be different. And that is OK, you are going to be fine. You are not the same you, you were last week or a year ago. So recycle the old you and bring in someone new. Life is waiting, don’t be so scared to take a hold of it.

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